Welcome to Opus Pocus Music…

…an exciting collection of cues and tracks from Hollywood’s leading composer of original music for the marketing of motion pictures and television programming.  Our list of clients includes every major film studio, most top tier producers and distributors, all major broadcasters, cable networks and many Fortune 500 companies. With proven box office success in over 2,000 theatrical marketing projects, including 30 of the top films of all time, Opus Pocus Music brings you into the world of exciting and passionate music you can truly feel..

Catalogue Concept

In a field where experience is key to success, Opus Pocus Music offers a catalogue of exciting, dynamic and passionate music originally scored for theatrical trailers and television marketing campaigns by veteran Hollywood industry leader, composer John Beal.  Beal is an award winning composer whose reputation for providing masterful marketing scores for virtually every movie studio has put him at the top of his field for over two decades.  Your budget may require you to license.  You want music to elevate your film beyond the others in your class.  Welcome to Opus Pocus Music!

Score Your Trailer!

Pre-existing tracks are just the beginning.   Original scoring moves your film trailer from the generic to the spectacular very quickly.  When your audience is hammered in the theater by an endless stream of trailers with wallpapered library scores, they quickly become desensitized.  It is the unique trailer that justifies your marketing expense. You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort building a trailer to sell your film.  No one understands how to approach your project with the care and attention it requires better than a veteran with proven success measured in tens of billions of box office dollars.